4 BS Infomercial Facts That Apparently Fool Some People

I ended up with some 1,700 different issues found on my PC. When I went to fix the issue, I was redirected to the program's online order page where I could save my computer from hackers and viruses for just 20 bucks. If that sounds reasonable to you, that's a problem. First of all, this particular laptop did not have any issues. Among the files listed in the "issues found" section were harmless Windows log files and some system files in the folders where my video and network drivers were stored, files you don't need but are certainly not a threat to your system. That might seem like common knowledge for any casual technology user. But does, say, your grandmother know that her system is actually fine and she doesn't need to shell out $20 every time her computer runs slowly? How could she, when she's seeing big, scary words pop up on her screen while she's trying to watch The Price Is Right?


Exclamation points = serious business.

My main issue with commercials like these is that there are plenty of alternatives for cleaning your PC that are absolutely free of charge. In fact, if I type "free malware removal" into Google right now, the first six or seven results are totally reputable companies that can get you up and running without some creepy motherfucker growling at you through your TV.


I wouldn't even buy drugs from this guy.

Admittedly, I've never gotten further than the free diagnosis they offer. But I have worked on computers that had this garbageware installed on it, and it honestly does more harm than good. Aside from the blatant fabrication regarding the health of your computer, you'll also find it scares your average end user into thinking everything on their computer is out to get them. Pair that with the staggering amount of information you agree to let them collect, and you may as well be paying someone to rifle through your underwear drawers so they can make sure no computer viruses are hiding in there.


"We found this one under your pink thongs. That'll be $20."

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4 BS Infomercial Facts That Apparently Fool Some People
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