6 Months: Viettel’s Overseas Markets Pocket Nearly VND1,000 Billion

Its revenue increased 25% compared to the same period last year, gaining VND14,000 billion (around USD600 million), in which Bitel from Peru was up 82%, Lumitel from Burundi up 38%; Telemor from East Timor up 29%; and Natcom from Haiti up 15%.

These positive results mainly come from telecommunications, especially 4G, electronic wallet, and some big ICT projects for Governments and corporation.

Photos: Le MaiBesides, the Vietnam Military-run Telecommunications Group welcomed good operation from Unitel in Laos, clearing the milestone of four customers, upholding the 1st place in “the land of a million elephants”, while Telemor gained millions of USD after getting a new frequency band free of charge.

The changes of exchange rates in the above-mentioned markets also contributed to the results, such as Mozambique (gaining 14%), Cameroon (gaining 7%), or Peru and Haiti (gaining 3 - 6%), thus paving the way for a strong development of Viettel Global in 2017.

The provider set a target of serving nearly 50 million foreign customers with a growth rate of 35%, total revenue from overseas markets is about VND32,000 billion (around USD1.4 billion), a 29% increase.

This year, Myanmar (its 10th overseas market) is expected to complete is infrastructure networks, ready to provide surpassing ICT services for local residents./.


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Source : http://en.dangcongsan.vn/economics/6-months-viettel-s-overseas-markets-pocket-nearly-vnd1-000-billion-446285.html

6 months: Viettel’s overseas markets pocket nearly VND1,000 billion
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