Activists Demand Answers In Philadelphia Police Slaying Of Dirt Biker

Civil rights activists and clergy marched through Philadelphia on Friday to demand a broader investigation of the fatal police shooting of a black man last month amid conflicting accounts of the killing.

The killing of David Jones, a 30-year-old who was shot in the back after being stopped by an officer for driving a dirt bike recklessly on a city street and allegedly pulling a gun on a policeman, has garnered renewed attention after a man who claims to have witnessed the incident has publicly disputed the police account of the shooting.

The activists said Officer Ryan Pownall chose to shoot first and ask questions later during their march from police headquarters to the district attorney's office to City Hall. They read off a list of demands that included police cars be outfitted with dashboard cameras, quarterly meetings to discuss policing tactics, as well as a more in-depth investigation into whether the officer should be charged for the shooting.

"David Jones did not deserve to die," Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler, said of the June 8 killing. "You should not die for riding a dirt bike illegally in the city of Philadelphia."

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