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"The luxury of doing good." Goldsmith. The Altoona tribune 1 1 July 10, I93& Wehnwood Fairview, Beverly Hills Roaring Spring Mrs. Gerald Butler, 719 Rockingham Ate. fhone M-J Tyrone News VA. Ray Henner, 70 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fhons 4 Sirs. Edith Hart Defflej, K7 Park Venn, Phone J-95SS Mrs. Ella Mock left last night to spend a week with friends in Woodbury and New Enterprise. The Boy Scout leaders of the southern Blair district met on Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Fry, of 213 tast Wopsononock avenue, returned home Wednesday from a short business trip to Wild- Tuesday evening at the Church of God scout cabin where they had wood, New Jersey. gone, after enjoying dinner at tseison Mauier, a member of this years Altoona High school local restaurant. Fifteen leaders from Roaring Spring as well aa graduating class and also the genial carrier of the Altoona two from ClayAurg. Herbert Feathers, scoutmaster of the Clays- Tribune for this section, is t en A group of Tyrone young ladies, interested in small bore rifle shooting, have organized a rifle club, and are already taking instructions In target shooting. The course includes the car and use of the rifle, safety precautions and firing. Tne young ladies meet weekly at the Pioneer range and last Tuesday a number of the ladies made very creditable scores. It is planned to continue the course of instruction and practice so that the team may compete in regular matches this coming fall and winter. It is possible that several other clubs or teams will be organized in Tyrone The only other ladies rifle club in Tyrone is the American Legion auxiliary which has been organized for three years. The newly organized club will select a club name at its next meeting on Tuesday evening, July 14. burg troop and his snior patrol joying a well earned vacation of leader, Pau1 Eichelberger, and two weeks at a boys' camp in John E. Rhodes of Altoona. coun Black Moshannon State Park, ell executive, who presided. The group talked over the camping near Philipsburg. Nelson is one of the counselors on the .camp's possibilitiles now that Camp Shaf staff. After having had a happy vis fer cannot be used this summer, Mr. Rhodes announced that any it in ehnwood, over the weekend holidays, Mr. and Mrs. Ed boys who wanted to attend camp could be accommodated at the ward Faris and son Donald have returned to their home at Up Tyrone camp, Camp Anderson. per Darby. Philadelphia. While The group decided to sponsor a father and son rally within a few here the Philadelphians were entertained as house guests of weeks, such a rally to be held simultaneously in the three towns Mrs. Farts' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vance on Park avenue. of the district. Ciaysburg, Mar- tinsburg and Roaring Spring. Billy and Buddy Figart who W. C. Hanawalt, school instruc are students at Girard college Philadelphia, are spending their summer vacation with their tor here a good many years ago and until recently a citizen of California, left yesterday for his home near Gettysburg after spend mother, Mrs. Ada H. Figart at Westwood Park. ing the week in Roaring Spring. On Sunday morning at fhe regular church service period a musi Kev. w. W. Banks, pastor of Roaring Spring church will officiate at the morning worship cal croeram will be presented at at the Fairview Methodist church on Sunday July 12. The evening the Church of the Brethren by a male quartet of the Bethany Biblical Seminary of Chicago. worship will be in charge of the pastor. Rev. Stamm, at which time his subject will be "Envir Miss Rozella Myers, daughter of onment and Character." During the summer at the Mr. and Mrs. George K. Myers, Roaring Spring, R. D., and a nurse at the Olean, N. Y, hospital The officers and members of the new organization are: Captain, Hazel Derr; secretary-treasurer, Ruth Fleck; range officer. Jane Dickson; scorer, Marybelle Mo Govern; chaperon. Mrs. John Derr; Marcella Griffin,. Betty Jane Fortney, Louise Griffin. Grace Naylor, Helen Elder, Madeline Grimm, Sarah Werta and Jane Little. Jack Hiller, John Pownall, George Dickson, ' Bunk" Yarne'.l, and Budd Leaner have returned home from a two weeks' camping irip along the Raystown branch. The lads camped in a tent and prepared all their own meals, each boy coming home with added weight. Mrs. Norris Filer and daughters, Dorothy and Marion, of Altoona, are guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs. John P. Harris, Xorth Logan avenue. Mrs. Filer and Mrs. Harris are sisters. The small frame building used as a barber shop by W. R. Kineh, Warriors Mark, was destroyed by fire Wednesday afternoon, entailinjj a loss of about $600. After the building caught fire word was sent to Tyrone fr assistance, the pumper of the Neptune Fire company responding. Water for fighting the fire was pumped frccn the Warriors Mark swimming poot, a short distance away. The firemen j concentrated their efforts in sav iairview Methodist church, the church school is being conduct returned yesterday from New York ed at 10:00 oclock each Sunday morning, following the morning worship which begins at 9 a. m, just vice versa to the winter and fall scheduled time. The J. A. Ryans and family who for manv vears have resid ed at 290S WeBnwood Road, on and will spend several weeks with her parents. She is recuperating from an illness contracted while on duty at the hospital. Mrs. H. R. Lobb is spending several weeA with her daughter, Mrs. N". H. Segner, Queens Village. X. Y. Melvin Garber presided at the regular weekly meeting of the local Rotary club last night. Mr. Garber was recently elected president of the club, succeeding Dr. W. L. Hair who served during- the past year. Tuesday of this week, completed removing their household furnishings to their new home on Beech avenue in Logantown. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Walker of 913 Twenty-sixth avenue are entertaining as their house guests, their grandson. Thomas Walker of Cliffside, New Jersey who is here for the summer vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Wills and two children, Patty and Bobby have tcturned to their home in Madley, Bedford coun ty, after having enjoyed a pleasant visit at the home of their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert J. White, 514 East Pennsylvania avenue, ehnwood. Other out-of-town guests at the White home, during the past week, were George and Harold Haupt of Harrisburg. the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harold ing adjoining properties. The shop and all Its contents were destroyed by the flames. Rev. Samuel S- Strain, of Milton, a former pastor of the Columbia Avenue Methodist Episcopal church visited with friends in Tyrone yesterday. Edward Dickson and his brother, Harry Dickson, are spending the season with relatives and fiiends in Rochester. N. Y. Alexander Hags has returned to his w-rk in Buffalo, N. Y, after spending a vacation season with his father. Fhilip Hagg, East Eleventh street. John C. YenU-r. West Fifteenth street, has returned home from a fishing trip in the. Canadian coastal waters. Loretta Houer, age 3. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hauser, 2116 Adams avnue, is recovering from severe burns received when her clothing caught fire while the youngster was playing with matches in the vard of the Houser home Haupt, former residents of this city. Mrs. A. L. Simonton of 2900 In-side Drive, in company with a party of ' eleven ladies from this city, all of whom are members of Mrs. Simonton's bridge have returned from a visit with Mr. Miller's parents at Loraine, O. Miss Josephine Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cannon, of Blooms-burg, Pa., have returned home after a visit with Miss Brown's and Mis. Cannon's father. Tom Brown, Park avenue. Tom Brown, jr, accompanied his sisters home and will remain for a visit. Miss Josephine will be remembered as the young lady who made such a remarkable record in the last graduating class in the Bloomsburg High school. Sam Kirk, Logan avenue, who recently submitted to an operation for appendicitis, is so far improved that he anticipates returning to his home in. Bradentoru Fla., the end of the week. Mr. Kirk is a partner in a large law firm in Braden-ton. Dr. J 'seph McWilliams, Washington avenue and First street and Loraine Batcheler. East Tenth street, departed yesterday overland for Portland, Ore., w???re Dr. McWilliams will enter the Hahen-mann hospital as resident physician. They will stop enroute to visit points of interest. Mr. Batcheler will remain in the far west for some time, returning to enter his classes in Pennsylvania State college in the fall. The semi-annual business meeting of the Woman's Missionary societies of the Huntingdon Presbytery was held at the First Presbyterian church, Tyrone, Wednes flub, are enjoying this present weekend at a summer cottage at Curtin. near Milesburg. Mrs. "Simonton's son, Harvey is leaving today for a camping trip also, to be spent with friends at a cottage at Conneaut Lake, Pittsburg. gi '" - J"lws sU w Jr , tow. Full-site davenport and comfort- ) I i KSvdSS Sw s t r 1 able lounge chair. Jt's something en- A I J V$f iRsw. tlrely new in comfort, In beauty and Mi I I jjl Sj''" VaUe' l,olce ' beautiful covers. B EASY CREDIT TERMS I IIS i ARRANGED! - a ill y V j ' ; Table, large Buffet Am'and! J jil me'-' 1 : " MODrMKNEt-H I-rfrf. WM 1 DESK SPECIAL PI jSSrS"-. I " ' g'yj? 1 : 1 ' Ifl' ":" IP! Kir Don't miss this remarkable bargalnt I I W5's8-"" K i'i JXzE' ? ' - "'M Wi Smart new modern desk may be had In lrS'' ! nrsi' ipf dft m ""ifc ll mi"" h' 'Inl walnut or maple finish, gee It to- MwWl TRADE IN YOUR morrow- 1 OLD FURNITURE! --$(95 H P! 98 K!BBn wppwnw I I 1 C jll ; I ill Bm f tti rvmeeful slmpllfltr. tti 'sy r I J HllStaL w lu ilN'V L3kia UrMF ' .; I plnwlnn design. Mm ult U mwt Oslrable !5: lil I l wJcS' It ' V lifcSralJ f 4 i5s ' I I of th modem bedroom. American wal- 0 I llrwrIIJr - ' v'i ' S iL'Srbiw If S If -i ; 1 H Bat nei have been to kllllullj match- KtMS ") I I ell 119 i3m iaa. 5HwK5V V JJ L 9 i I D 'r,th otn" eWnet woods that It la "T I r3? (f JJv(rC&i. 23rii:-S p. I D worthy of note. We Include the nU-lu INoVjL ) f SLJl- (If lisBw K)u5Ki.. fefci'S 5?-J ? I I ill ' n0mi M'' '"e u" jj lrsy ' ' K a H00SIER Kitchen! X "'V iyjl H00SIE3 Kitchen Cabinet wl 1' l l ' lr ' !j "oVlfble and 4 24. 95 j ll Mu BED 0UTFIT 1 i i n" n n DTIi modern metal creation. artiaticaDy finished to reaemblo I I I I I I I I I I nr. 1 1 matched trained woods. 4 1 4 T 1 " A number of our residents, in cluding Mr. and Mrs. Hammond and son Kenneth of Pennsylvania avenue, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Benner of Wotisononock avenue, early this week- The little girl had secured some matches in the house- and went to the rear of the yard. One of the matches ignited her dress, causing severe burns about the arms and chest. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller, Cameron avenue, Mrs. L C. Keefer and son, Pennsylvania avenue, FLUSH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Medical authorities agree that your Mrs. Bertha Kennedy and Miss Margaret Brown of Ivyside Park, enjoyed Tuesday of this week at Hershev Park, Kershey. when the State's annual outing for nark manaeers and owners was held at that place. The annual Sundav school picnic of the Fourth Street Church Park on Thursday, July 16. All of God will be held at Ivyside members of the school are urged to attend. day, a large number of the executives of the societies in the district being present on this occasion. Mrs. E. E. Sanford, of Huntingdon, and president of the conference, presided. The meeting was largely taken up with the reading of reports from the various standing committees as follows: nominating com- kidneys contain 15 Miles of tiny tubes cr 'filters which help to purify the blood and keep you healthy. If you have trouble with too fre quent bladder passages with scanty ! mittee, Mrs. T. Stacey Capers, Hol- amount causing burning and discomfort, the 13 Miles of kidney tubes may need flushing out. This danger signal may be the beginning of nagging backache, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. naaysourg publicity. Mrs. Caroline K. McWilliams, Tyrone; place of meeting. Mrs. W. C. Thompson, Bellefonte; recording secretary, Mrs. George Reed, Clearfield; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Kate Shugart, Bellefonte; foreign missions. Miss Venie Houser, Altoona; national missions, Mrs. F. K. Fields,, Altoona: contingent. Miss Elizabeth Hemphill, Hollidaysburg; education groups, Mrs. Eugene Mc-Cahan, Tvrone; Mrs. W. Harvey Garman, Tyrone; missionary education, Miss Edna Lower, Tyrone; If kidneys don't empty S pints a day and so get rid of more than 3 pounds of waste, poisonous matter may develop, causing serious trouble. Don't wait. Ask your druggist for Houtzdale; advisory, Miss Anna Fisher, Miss Grace Burket and Mrs. Samuel Barber. The specific work in the foreign mission field in which the society has vital interest and gives substantial support was discussed at length. At the noon hour a delicious luncheon was served by the ladies of the Tyrone church. The presidents of the various societies in the district attending were Mrs. William Gailey, Altoona; Mrs. George Lake, Tyrone; Mrs. E. F. Harvey, Philipsburg; Mrs. Howard Henderson, Huntingdon; Mrs. E. M. Berrs, Mount Union; Mrs. Harry B. Wolfe, Tyrone, and Mrs. George Mitchell, State College. Miss Edna Spyker, Ninth street, is confind to her bed suffering from tonsilitis. Orders have just been received Doan's Pills, which have been used successfully by millions of people for over i) years. They give hap,jy relief and will help to flush out the 15 Miles of kidney tubes. Get Doan's Pills at your druggist i stewardship, Mrs. G. P. West, SO LITTLE MO.VEY FOB SCCH EXPENSIVE BEAUTY Only at Shirley's at the troop B armory, whereby 20 of the troop horses will be sent to Camp Custer, Mich., for the en CI A T m - ioUjEj! Samples and Odd Lots campment of the Fourth Corps area, leaving here on August 5, and returning August 25. Corporal William M. Duey, of the Troop P, J pr. Hundreds of Pairs. Ech a Smart Style. Reduced to 104 Cavalry, has been assigned to accompany the horses as caretaker going and coming, and looks forward with pleasure to this duty. Arrived at Camp Custer with the horses, Duey will remain in the camp, taking charge of the horses again when the camp is ended. The troop horses are all in excellent condition, and are rested up after their strenuous camp experi- I i ence. They will be kept in their Take Your Choice of 2,000 Pairs of Smart White and Pastel SHOES SHOE SHOPPE stalls the balance of the week, riding and exercising to start about next Sunday. A wealthy man, whose taste fully-laid-out gardens were often visited by the public, had an old gardener who was In the habit of showing parties around the grounds. At such times he would, In a hurried, gabbling voices, explain the names of the flowers to the visitors. When nearing the exit gate, he would, however, pause and draw special attention to a pretty cluster of modest posies, and then, In a very significant tone, exclaim, "These ladies and gentlemen, are forget-me-nots!" , A I II 11 IH lil ' ' SBmaw I 11 1 SPRING---fine1' tmpred eu ,iTe ie,mency u 1407 Eleventh Avenue Tune In WFBG Sundays at 2:15 p. m. for "The Love Story GlrL" A complete story each week. IHIATTDrCC ,uU M,b- J1-00". covered la select, serr- I 1 I 111 ft I 1 IlLiliT-" loMhla tlrklnr choice enlora. . iawJ JOHWSTOWN...ALTOONA.PA...SOMEtSET VI

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