Illegal Alien Kills Muslim: It\'s Trump\'s Fault

I’m going to lay the blame at the feet of our cruel, narcissistic president. He started this: his campaign launched on a barrage of demagoguery against Mexicans, and later amped up to the “Muslim Ban.”

After his election, the Times started tracking weekly Hate Crimes, which I’d dutifully read because I felt they weren’t getting the publicity they deserved. The rise of hate crimes against Muslims and anyone who resembled them–including Sikhs and other Indians–was noteworthy, as was the rise of anti-Semitism.

This young woman didn’t deserve to die any more than anyone does, particularly while observing a religious holiday. But somehow in the past 2 years, because of a candidate who exploited voters’ most vile instincts, it’s become permissible to spew venom, or even attack people based on their ethnicity and their religion.

Under Trump, we’re becoming a meaner, cruel, more selfish nation.

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Illegal Alien Kills Muslim: It’s Trump’s Fault
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