Morning Brief: July 17

Russia investigation

Before meeting a Russian lawyer who he thought had material damaging to Hillary Clinton,

Donald Trump Jr. was told in an email that it was part of a Russian government bid to aid his father's presidential campaign, the New York Times reported. Citing three people with knowledge of the email, the paper said publicist Rob Goldstone indicated in the message to U.S. President Donald Trump's eldest son that the Russian government was the source of the potentially damaging information. Trump Jr did not indicate in a statement on Sunday that he had been told the lawyer might be a proxy for the Kremlin.

Russian lawyer denies having Clinton dirt, Kremlin ties: NBC North Korea

China hit back in unusually strong terms at repeated calls from the United States to put more pressure on North Korea, urging a halt to what it called the

"China responsibility theory", and saying all parties needed to pull their weight.

South Korea's intelligence agency

does not believe North Korea has secured re-entry capabilities for its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program, a South Korean lawmaker said, disputing Pyongyang's account. U.S.


U.S. military plane crashed in rural Mississippi, killing at least 16 people, a regional emergency management official said.

Trump's commission to investigate possible election fraud on Monday

put a freeze on its effort to collect sensitive voter data from states in the face of growing legal challenges.

A U.S. Army sergeant stationed in Hawaii after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan was charged with attempting to

provide material support to Islamic State extremists, including a drone aircraft and combat training instructions.

Trump prods Congress to pass stalled healthcare overhaul

House Republicans expect to introduce bills later this week that would

bar states from setting their own rules for self-driving cars and take other steps to remove obstacles to putting such vehicles on the road, a spokeswoman said.

A wild cow leaps over revelers in the bull ring following the fourth running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain July 10, 2017. REUTERS/Joseba Etxaburu

A wild cow leaps over revelers in the bull ring following the fourth running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain July 10, 2017. REUTERS/Joseba Etxaburu


French national Mark Karpele, the 32-year-old chief executive of defunct Mt. Gox, pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the

loss of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins and cash from what was once the world's biggest bitcoin exchange.

Breakingviews TV: AT&T watching CNN

Bonds and emerging market currencies' selloff resumes

Pearson is set to raise $1 billion from the sale of a 22 percent stake in book publisher Penguin Random House to majority owner Bertelsmann, in the British group's latest bid to rebuild following a string of profit warnings.

PepsiCo's quarterly profit beats estimates Islamic State

Islamic State has captured most of a village south of Mosul despite losing control of its stronghold in the city, an Iraqi army officer and residents said, deploying guerrilla-style tactics as its self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles.

Syrian Observatory says has 'confirmed information' that Islamic State chief killed Israel

Israel's foreign ministry has issued a statement

denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew who has spent a large part of his fortune funding pro-democracy and human rights groups, has repeatedly been targeted by Hungary's right-wing government, in particular over his support for more open immigration.


Tech companies are bringing automation and robotics to the age-old task of

battling mosquitoes in a bid to halt the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne maladies worldwide.

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