Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Story Once Again Highlights The Worthlessness Of Corporate Media

President Donald Trump's wild accusation and the right-wing media's eagerness to support the claims of the Trump White House, working in cahoots with House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, a Republican from California, that there was nefarious "unmasking" of Trump associates picked up in surveillance of Russian officials has proved to be a colossal flop.

Nunes wound up discrediting himself and implicating White House staffers in a half-baked scheme to deflect attention from the president.

Right-wing outlets (from Fox News to Breitbart to the New York Post) took the bait from Nunes and his associates, dragging Susan Rice into the matter - without evidence of a crime. Indeed, no evidence of impropriety exists and no evidence ties Rice to the leaking of Michael Flynn's name. Given that the White House does not want to release the documents shared with Nunes that allegedly provide the basis for its tale, we can surmise that Nunes really had no evidence of much of anything.

The blatant effort to confuse and distract from the biggest political scandal of our lifetimes - Russian efforts to manipulate our election process and potential coordination with the campaign of the beneficiary of Russia's "active measures" - does not come as any surprise. However, certain right-wing media outlets' willingness to echo Trump's defamatory misdirection tactics remains as distressing as ever. (It was just this sort of echo chamber effect that Russia used during the campaign to help Trump, as Clint Watts recently explained.)

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