What To Do If You Can’t Finish Your Marathon

It’s every runner’s worst nightmare: You train like crazy, watch your diet and show up at the start line extra-early to get the lay of the land. Even the weather is idyllic. But with your confidence at an all-time high, something happens before or during your race that makes it unlikely you’ll finish for any number of reasons.

What do you do? Keep going and put yourself in harm’s way? Stop and breathe? Give up? This is no easy decision, which is why thinking about this possibility before it occurs could give you the wisdom you need to make a faster decision should such circumstances impact you in the future.

What can go wrong?

At the most extreme, you could encounter the running dead, coming in your direction as a wave in a full-blown zombie apocalypse!

What To Do If You Can’t Finish Your Marathon?

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In less daunting circumstances, the following are scenarios that might give you pause, though you can probably come up with others that are equally formidable:

  • You are beset with horrible stomach or leg cramps — so severe you must stop, sit or even lie down.
  • Heat may overwhelm you — especially if it’s humid and you’re not properly hydrated.
  • An unexpected downpour accompanied by lightning bolts rain down from the sky.
  • A Boston-marathon scenario happens in which evil people seek to do harm to spectators and runners.
  • You are stricken with a gastrointestinal malady that leaves you incapable of controlling your bowels.
  • A collision with another runner or a fall leaves you badly injured.
  • You’re simply too exhausted to go a foot further on the route despite your “never quit” philosophy.

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What To Do If You Can’t Finish Your Marathon?
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